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RK3188: CM12.1 has landed on Chuwi V88

V88 by CrewRKTablets CM12.1 LP 5.1.1 v1.1

CM12.1 build for

MT5931 wifi 😉











 – generation 1 loader
 – selinux off
 – CWM recovery
 – system ext4
 – kernel bob #397
 – unified internal storage
 – screen 160 dpi
 – ethernet support
 – init.d support
 – gameloft compatible
 – USB-Hub enabled
 – gamepad compatible (PS2, XBox, …)
 – kernel modules (cifs, tun, lan, serial, audio)
 – latest hosts, su, su-binary, busybox
 – Reboot Menue

add more codecs: 3gp, avi, wmv, flv (install via CWM)  
build v1.1  
build works as is for 1st gen V88, V88S, V88 TIG and
 V88 1st gen clones  (or use tab specific kernel, see archive):
 - ICOO Fatty2
 - Dragon Touch R8 mini 
 - Alcor Zest Q813i 
 - Alcor Zest Q813ix 
 - Cbox Tab X785 
 - Ritmix RMD-785
 - Dyno 7.85 
 - Xtreme X81
kernel for 2nd gen V88/V88S & V88HD (change in rockdev/Images before flash):
 - V88/V88S: kernel bob #419 
 - V88HD: kernel bob #610 
build runs on any JB kernel (do not use KK/seliunx kernel): 
kernel archive 
parameter for 8 GB tabs (change in folder rockdev) 
parameter for 32 GB tabs 
build will also boot on rk30boards with a 3.0.36+ kernel (do NOT flash the loader!) ;-)
confirmed installations on: 
Vido 90 FHDRK (260 dpi) and clones, model fix
Pipo M9 max (160 dpi), model fix
Odys Study Tab (RK3066), also Navon Raptor (thx to zoz!)
instructions are included in the download pack + pls make sure to execute eraseIDB
pls set the sleep option Always in advanced wifi settings
if you are on a gen2 loader firmware (KitKat) change the loader first !!!
not working: 
 - to improve UI feeling: disable all animation scales in developer options, 
   use Nova launcher and set animation/scroll to "faster than light" and
   enable Entropy Fixer with value 256
- to enable development options tap 5 times on build number
- Oma's favourite apps for LP
- Xposed Framework test pack
special thanks to netlars ! 
be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -