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RK3288: Pipo P9 CM13 Edition

P9 by CrewRKTablets CM13 6.0.1 build v1.0


has landed 
on Pipo P9   ;-)  

new:  final build v1.5.3 (CM August 
sources & security patches)
new:  kernel #102 @ 60 Hz for
           perfect battery stats   


kernel and model fixes for 
Pipo P4
Pipo P7
Pipo P1
 – recovery TWRP 
 – recovery TWRP [v1.2.3]
sekernel #69 [v1.2.x] sekernel #16 [v1.3]sekernel #102 [v1.4.1, v1.5]
sekernel #102 @ 60 Hz [v1.5.2]
 – unified storage 
 – Charger Mode [v1.2.3]  
 – Multi-Windows  
 – Stagefright patch 
 – CM superuser   
  3G support [v1.2.3]
  GPS support [v1.2.3]
  HDMI support  [v1.2.4]   
 –  significant motion support [v1.5.2] new
 –  wifi display support [v1.5.2]  new
 –  exFat support
 – Viper4AndroidFX compatible 
 – Xposed Framework compatible
  Netflix compatible
  Kodi 16.1 compatible  
 –  Emulator compatible
final build v1.5.3
v1.5.3 3G off - if you have a wifi only tab, install via TWRP
v1.5.3 fix audio in arcade games
add Gello browser (in v1.5.3 already included)
add HexoLibre - CM dark theme
build v1.5.2
v1.5.2 fix rotation & audio (mandatory, install via TWRP) 
v1.5.2 3G off - (for wifi only tab)
v1.5.2 add HW+ support in MXPlayer
build v1.5  (CM July sources and security patches)
v1.5 3G off - if you have a wifi only tab
Gello browser (install via ApkInstaller)
build v1.4.1 (incl. kernel #102)
build v1.4 (CM June sources and security patches)
v1.4 3G off  - if you have a wifi only tab / v1.4 3G on
v1.4 fix USB stick mounting via settings
v1.4 fix GPS support (only for P9!)
v1.4 fix hotspot support
v1.4 add widevine engine
build v1.3 (CM March sources and security patches)
v1.3 fix for audio settings, touch volume, auto brightness
v1.3 improve UI performance
v1.3 fix audio in phone calls
sekernel #16 (change in folder rockdev/Image before flash)
add widevine engine (install via TWRP)
final build v1.2.4b
build v1.2.3
build v1.2.1
build v1.2
instructions are included in the download pack 
if the tab stops with starting apps/bootloop you have a different hardware revision; 
pls start flashmodus by holding Power & Esc, flash the TWRP and install the lens fix
Build will also boot on  
(change kernel/resource in folder rockdev before flash and install fixes via TWRP)
(DPI can be changed in settings/display&lights)
- KM1065 sekernel #85 , kernel #183  
- P4 sekernel #70 
- P7 sekernel #65 , model fix,160 DPI
- P1 sekernel #24 , cam fix , 320 DPI - use CPU Awake (see PlayStore) when 
                                                                     kernel #24 shows deep sleep issues
 - rotation of the UI: enable Allow Rotation in trebuchet settings
 - screenshots: enable in settings/buttons/power menue
 - developer options: enable by tapping 5 times onto build number (settings/about the tab)
 - advanced reboot: enable in settings/developer options
 - root access: enable in settings/developer options (apps and adb)
 - local terminal: enable in settings/developer options
 - multi-window mode: enable in settings/developer options
 - better UI performance: set all animation scales to 0 in settings/developer options 
 - mass_storage mode is gone in Android 6.0 > use MTP (settings/developer options)
 - battery stats: let the battery run empty at least one times and load it fully (MM needs
   to learn the stats)
Oma's favourite apps for MMXposed Framework starter pack  
>>> to go back to KK stay with the included loader or use the stock v2.19 loader
Special thanks to netlars and mussonero !
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -   

RK3288: IFive Air Marshmallow Edition

Air by CrewRKTablets AOSP 6.0.1 build v1.0


has landed 
on IFive Air   ;-)

 – stock recovery 5.0.0
 – CrewRKTablets recovery TWRP
sekernel #33 @ 1.8 GHz 
 – unified storage 
 – Multi-Windows  
 – Stagefright patch
 – latest su, su-binary, busybox
 – Reboot Menue
- Gameloft 
- Viper4AndroidFX 
- Xposed Framework
- Netlfix
- Kodi 16.0-RC2
build v1.1a  
instructions are included in the download pack
Confirmed installation on Haier Pad 971 (full clone, volume keys are swapped)
 – to enable development options tap 5 times on build number 
 – Oma's favourite apps for MMXposed Framework starter pack
Special thanks to netlars !
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -   

RK3288: Pipo P1 CM13 Edition

Pipo P1 by mussonero CM13 build v1.0

CM13 has landed 
on Pipo P1 ;-)

new: final build M revised 2

--- Peview ---
new features M update
final build M revised 2 (CM August sources & security patches)
final build M revised
final build M update 2 (CM July sources & security patches, no deep sleep issues)
final build M update
final build M
build v1.3
build v1.2
build v1.1
build v1.0
- use included RKAndroidTool to install the build
- in TWRP wipe data 
- in TWRP you can install Open-Gapps 
- if build stops booting install cam fix via TWRP
- use CPU Awake (see PlayStore) when tab shows deep sleep issues
Special thanks to mussonero ! 
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -