RK31: V88 by Oma rocks – Multi-Window Edition


Windoof meets Android ;-)

Real multi-tasking.

- Oma -

Chuwi V88 by Oma JB 4.2.2 SDK2.0 v5.x

- CWM recovery
 - system ext4
 - latest kernel #102 [v5.0], #109 [v5.1], #160 [v5.2]
 - internal Storage 4,0 GB
 - device spoofed as Nexus 7 [v5.0], [v5.2]
 - PhabletUI & Multi-User & Multi-Window
 - battery percentage mod [v5.0]
 - ethernet support
 - init.d support
 - gameloft compatible
 - USB-Hub enabled
 - gamepad compatible (PS2, XBox, ...)
 - kernel modules (cifs, tun, lan, serial, audio)
 - latest hosts, su, su-binary, busybox
 - MX Video-Player, Play Music & FX Sound
 - Reboot Menue, Kernel Tuner, Pimp my Rom
 - Dateimanager HD (Root)
 - Nova Launcher

cRom v5.3 (incl. Experience Launcher)
cRom v5.2 (improved task switching) 
cRom v5.1 
TabletUI fix
PhabletUI fix
Battery Percentage mod
Battery Percentage default
Settings mod
Settings default  
Xbox wireless support
Kernel #160 - pls exchange before flash!
!! kernel for Chuwi V88 2nd generation  !!
cRom v5.0 
TabletUI fix 
PhabletUI fix  
Kernel #160 - pls exchange before flash!
format_NAND - Instructions see download pack.
RK Driver Assistant
Q: How to manipulate a window?
A: Wipe with 3 or 2 fingers (see pic 022c)
 - higher performance > disable animation scales in developer options
 - control Play-Store > disable auto-updates
 - battery drain > set keep wi-fi on during sleep to never
 - full access to the build > enable /system rw in File Manager HD 
 - load kernel modules > enable init.d ON in Pimp my Rom (reboot)
 - don't show su notifications > disable in Superuser   
Kernel Archive (just replace kernel in folder rockdev/Image)
Credits: Astralix, feriross, JochenKauz, netlars  
Be aware: it is your own risk!  
- Oma -