Odys Loox rocks with CM10 !

Oma CM10 v1.2 Beta Build

- system ext4 
- CWM recovery 
- homebrew kernel #75 by Astralix & fr3ts0n 
- CPU overclocked @1,1 GHz 
- externalSD mounted as NAND, 2,3 GB internal storage 
- latest hosts, su, su-binary, busybox 
- 4.2 gapps, Chrome, MX Video-Player 
- HideStatusbar, PerfMon, LCD Density Modder, Rotate 
- CM Dateimanager, Dateimanager HD (root) 
- 4.2 Stock & Trebuchet & Nova Launcher
be aware: it is your own risk! 
decompress with 7zip 
copy fix to sd-card 
boot tab into flash mode 
run RK-Flashtool as admin: EraseIDB, tick Loader, Run 
first boot into CWM: install fix from sd-card, reboot
wait 4 min, have fun!  
Credits:  CM, vurrut, Astralix, fr3ts0n, netlars 
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -