CM10.1 on rk30board !

Crew RKTablets Genio by Oma CM10.1 v1.3 – 03.10.2013 

Release v1.4 Speed Edition ;-)
full functional hw-decoding and 
hwcomposer on 3.0.8+ kernel,
no rotation artefacts 
Antutu 5.1: 19.918 @1,7GHz

- Oma -
 - CWM recovery 
 - Homebrew Kernel JK17
 - System ext4 
 - Internal Storage 2,5 GB 
 - PhabeltUI or TabletUI
 - Multiuser 
 - Device spoofed as Nexus 7
 - Ethernet Support 
 - 3G Support
 - Init.d support 
 - USB-Hub enabled 
 - Gameloft compatible
 - Emulator compotible
 - Gamepad support (PS2, XBox, ...) 
 - Kernel modules (cifs, tun, lan, serial, uhid) 
 - Latest hosts, su, su-binary, busybox
 - MX Video-Player, Apollo & FX Sound
 - Reboot Menue, CPU Tweaker
 - Dateimanager HD (Root)
 - Trebuchet & Nova Launcher
Odys Genio cRom v1.4 
Odys Genio cRom v1.3.5
Plant vs Zombies 2 & other games fix  
Odys Genio Beta v1.3.4 - (higher performance then v1.3.5, but rotation artefacts) 
Odys Genio homebrew kernel JK17
Odys Genio homebrew OC kernel (best JK4 CPU_1704_GPU_400_DDR_533) 
RK Driver-Assistant  
CWM touch
mount extSD to NAND
mount intSD to NAND 
Other tabs >>> kernel archive    
If your tab has an 3.0.36+ kernel just flash the RK31 build (without loader!).
Sensor fix for other tabs: (or see here)
  sensor fix 1
 sensor fix 2
 sensor fix 3  
 sensor fix 4
 sensor fix 5
 sensor fix 6   
 sensor fix 7
 sensor fix 8 new
If there are problems formatting NAND (reboots into CWM), then use generic 
stock recovery first. Flash CWM after first boot (tick parameter and recovery).
battery info fix    
cam rotation fix     
brigthness settings fix & boot.img
be aware: it is your own risk!   
decompress with 7zip (change kernel in folder rockdev/Image)  
copy format_NAND_fix (and other fixes) to sd-card 
boot tab into flash mode 
run RKAndroidTool as admin: EraseIDB, Run 
first boot into CWM: install format_NAND_fix (and other fixes) from sd-card 
reboot, wait 4 min 
have fun!  
Confirmed installation on (change kernel in folder rockdev/Image):
- Pipo S1
- Pipo S3  (wifi fix)  
- Pipo M3 newpcb
- BQ Maxwell Plus
- Hyundai X700, X700 BT
- Cube U30GT-H
- Cube U9GT4  
- Mediacom Smart Pad 875 S2
- Go Clever Terra 70 (stock recovery)
- Pipo S2 (stock recovery) (kernel updated, fix USB OTG)
- Mediacom Smart Pad 101 S2 
- Nextwolf 7 (sensor fix 4)
- Prestigio PMP5880D (model fix, sensor fix 6)
- Ployer Momo 12   
- Prestigio PMP5570C   
- Point of View ProTab 30 v1.0
- Evi YziPro 9.7 (sensor fix 2) 
- i.onik TP10.1-1500DC metal (stock recovery)  
- Yuandao N101 II (stock recovery)  
- i.onik TP10.1-1500DC grey metal (stock recovery) 
- Nevir NVR-TAB97 S1 (model fix)
- Danew Dslide 972 [Teclast P98-K9W8]  (stock recovery, sensor fix 5)
- Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 8 (stock recovery)
- Odys Xelio 10 pro   
- Ampe A78, Sanei A78   
- TREQ Turbo (model fix)   
- Yuandao N90 II   
- U9GT3   
- Pipo U1pro (recovery, sensor fix 1)
- GoClever R83.2  
- Pipo M3 3G     
- Vonino SpeedStar S pro
- Archos 70 Titanium   
- ICOO D90pro   
- MiTech Skyray 971     
- Energysistem S7 Dual    
- Kiano Pro 10 DUAL rear v1, v2, v3, v4  
- Dopo TD1010 (cam rotation fix)
- TeXet TM-9747  
- Arnova 97G4 (stock recovery)
- Viewpia TB-210   
- Pipo U1  
- Inar Tab (arabic support, sensor fix 7)
- Prestigio PMP5780D, (boot.img, model fix updated)
- Hyundai X600HD, model fix  
- Vero a9724    
- Phoenix casiatab 10b   
- CAT Galactica X  
- Yuandao N70HD (stock recovery)
- GoClever R106  
- Teclast P88 (full image by pogodancer - thx!) 
- Crown B900 (stock recovery)
- LC-Power LC10TAB SINA-1
- Trekstor Ventos 10.1 ST10216-2A, boot.img, model fix updated (by awl - thx!)
- Condor CTAB 101L 32GB (parameter, CWM touch, sensor fix 2, cam rotation fix)
- Enerysistem i8 Dual, sensor fix 7
- Vedia X55 (stock recovery)
- Trekstor Ventos 10.1 ST10216-1 (parameter, stock recovery)

Problems:  ./
- to improve UI feeling: disable all animation scales in developer options, 
..use Nova launcher and set animation/scroll to "faster than light" and 
..enable Entropy Fixer with value 256 
- to improve battery drain set keep wi-fi on
- to enable development options tap 5 times on build number
- to improve battery drain set keep wi-fi on during sleep to never
- to get full access to the build enable /system rw in File Manager HD 
Special thanks to netlars and JochenKauz!  
Be aware: it is your own risk!  
- Oma -