RK31: V88 by Oma – KitKat Edition

V88 by Oma KitKat v2.1


Runs on 1st generation loader 
and Jelly Bean kernel  ;-)

New: Release v2.3 
        ... full BT support
 - CWM recovery
 - system ext4
 - latest kernel #397
 - internal storage 14 GB [v2.2], 4GB [v2.3]
 - PhabletUI & Multi-User 
 - device spoofed as Nexus 7 [v2.3]
 - ethernet support
 - init.d support
 - gameloft compatible
 - USB-Hub enabled
 - gamepad compatible (PS2, XBox, ...)
 - kernel modules (cifs, tun, lan, serial, audio)
 - latest hosts, su, su-binary, busybox
 - Reboot Menue, sEFix, FX Sound
 - Dateimanager HD (Root)
 - Nova Launcher
  cRom v2.3
  format_NAND_KK (MANDATORY, install via CWM)
  cRom v2.2
  format_NAND_KK (MANDATORY, install via CWM) 
  parameter for 8GB tabs (change in /rockdev before flash)
Build works for 1st gen V88, V88S, V88 TIG
V88 1st gen clones (kernel see archive): 
- ICOO Fatty2
- Dragon Touch R8 mini 
- Alcor Zest Q813i 
- Alcor Zest Q813ix 
- Cbox Tab X785 
- Ritmix RMD-785
- Dyno 7.85 
- Xtreme X81
!! kernel 2nd gen V88/V88S & V88HD
>>> kernel archive   
Confirmed installations (MT5931 wifi) on: (kernel see archive): 
Colorfly CT801
model fix Vido Mini One ZZ  
model fix Pipo M9 max  
model fix Pipo S6   
model fix Vido N90FHDRK_2 (bugfix camera)
model fix Ceros Revolution  
Confirmed installations (RTL8723 wifi) on: (kernel see archive): 
boot.img (change in rockdev/Images before flash)  
Mediacom MP84S4, model fix (install twice via CWM)
instructions are included in the download pack.
if you are on a gen2 loader firmware change the loader first.
not working: ./.
 - do not install google+ from Play Store; use this one (can be updated later)
 - go to settings/performance and set CPU mode to normal
 - to improve UI feeling disable animation scales in developer options
 - to improve battery drain set keep wi-fi on during sleep to never
 - to get full access to the build enable /system rw in File Manager HD 
 - to disable su notifications change notification in su app
 - to prettify the build use Xposed Framework > Starterpack
Special thanks to netlars 
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -