RK3288: TWRP/CWM Flash-Tool & Root

TWRP/CWM Flash-Tool & Root by CrewRKTablets 


This tool can be used on 
any rk32board and 
to root any rk32board  ;-)

new: TWRP

>>> download v2.1 (TWRP - outdated
>>> download v2.2 (TWRP 

The pack provides:
 a) generic TWRP’s for landscape and portrait orientation
 b) generic CWM
 c) root-script to be installed via TWRP/CWM  
 - generic, that means no kernel and resouce included in the image
 - full touch and usb-mouse support
 - volume rockers support (only CWM)
 - backup and restore of all partitions (boot, kernel, resource, recovery, system, data)
 - backup and restore of internal sdcard (only TWRP)
 - backup strategy TWRP: complete NAND to external sdcard
 - advancend restore (i.e. restore data)
 - advanced backup (only TWRP)
 - install zip from external sdcard (i.e root-script, gapps, fixes, themes)
 - wipe (factory reset) and advanced wipe
 - possibility to theme the UI
 - some more functions, which we do not need (so, untested)
Flash instructions are included in the download pack.
Q: Which resolutions for TWRP are available?
A: Landscape 1280x800, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2048x1536, 2560x1600 and 
Portrait 800x1280, 1200x1920, 1536x2048, 1600x2560. Orientation is defined by 
the orientation of your kernel logo.

Q: Why can TWRP not mount internal sdcard?
A: What is a valid reason to restore a backup? When the build is crashed or you try 
a new/other firmware. In both cases you have to wipe the NAND. So, internal sdcard 
(partition on the NAND) is lost. That's why we think working on/with internal sdcard is 
not very useful. On the other hand you have most likely game data (obb and user) on 
the internal sdcard, which will also get lost. Disabling the internal sdcard in the TWRP 
code will give the benefit to also backup/restore the internal sdcard.

Q: Why shows TWRP an error mounting internal sdcard?
A: Latest RK32 builds has an unified internal storage, which is btw. Google standard 
since long. So no internal sdcard partition any longer. The error shown is irrelevant.

Q: Why can TWRP not mount usb storage?
A: This is an unsolved bug by now.

Q: Why can I not shut-off the tab from TWRP?
A: Rebooting options depends on the power management chip and it's programming. 
In some cases proper function of the chip is not independend from the kernel because
the kernel flashes every times code in the chip. The majority of the tabs comes with 
an "always power on strategie", which means only Power Button and USB-port to 
communicate with the loader. That's the reason why these tabs boot into Android 
when usb cable will plugged in. Also tab will not shut down when usb cable is plugged.
So, that's not a kernel issue it is a kernel feature.

Q: Can I theme TWRP?
A: Yes, there are some PLAY themes in the pack, to be installed via install zip. Happy 
if somebody can provide more themes, especially for landscape.
Tested on / confirmed installation on:
- Pipo P9 (CWM, TWRP 1920x1200), clones: Krüger&Matz 1065G
 - Pipo P8 (CWM, TWRP 1536x2048)
 - Pipo P7 (CWM, TWRP 1280x800)
 - Pipo P4 (CWM, TWRP 1920x1200)
 - Pipo P1 (CWM, TWRP 2048x1536)
 - Pipo M9s (CWM, TWRP 1280x800)
 - iFive Air (CWM, TWRP 1536x2048)
 - iFive Mini4 (CWM, TWRP 1536x2048)
 - Vido M11pro (CWM, TWRP 1536x2048), clones: Visture V98, E-Ceros CT9717
 - Teclast P90HD (CWM only, kernel supports no touch)
 - Hisense Vidaa Pad F5281CH (CWM, TWRP 1536x2048), new name Sero 8 pro
 - Firefly (CWM, TWRP 1280x800)
 - Beelink R89 (CWM, TWRP 1920x1080); same PCB: Tronsmart R28, Ubox R89
 - Nagrace HPH NT-V6 (CWM, TWRP 1920x1080); same PCB: Ugoos UT3
 - Archos Oxygen 101 (CWM, TWRP 1920x1200)
 - Qilive Q3251 (CWM, TWRP 1920x1200)
Special thanks to netlars ! 
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -