RK3288: Pipo P9 LP Multi-Windows Edition

P9 by Oma LP multi-windows build v1.0


This is not a launcher, 
this is real multi-tasking   ;-)

i.e. Youtube playing in the 
background window etc.

– CrewRKTablets recovery TWRP
– sekernel #47 preempt 8 Sep 2015
– multi-windows
– stagefright patch
– latest su, su-binary, busybox
– Reboot Menue
– Kodi 15.2-RC1 
– widevine engine
kernel #69 (change kernel/resource in folder rockdev/Image before flash)  
build v1.1
build v1.0a
instructions are included in the download pack
 for installation on other tabs change
 kernel/resource in folder rockdev/Image:
 - Pipo P4 kernel #70 
 - Pipo P1 kernel #150
 - Pipo P7 kernel #65
not working:
 - rotation UI (it is not intended to rotate the screen)

 – to enable multi-windows see settings/Display
 – to enable root see settings/Root
 – to change brightness use a third party app/widget
 – use Virtual Volume Control (Play Store) in multi-windows mode
Oma's favourite apps for LP
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -