RK3288: Pipo P1 CM13 Edition

Pipo P1 by mussonero CM13 build v1.0

CM13 has landed 
on Pipo P1 ;-)

new: final build M revised 2

--- Peview ---
new features M update
final build M revised 2 (CM August sources & security patches)
final build M revised
final build M update 2 (CM July sources & security patches, no deep sleep issues)
final build M update
final build M
build v1.3
build v1.2
build v1.1
build v1.0
- use included RKAndroidTool to install the build
- in TWRP wipe data 
- in TWRP you can install Open-Gapps 
- if build stops booting install cam fix via TWRP
- use CPU Awake (see PlayStore) when tab shows deep sleep issues
Special thanks to mussonero ! 
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -