RK3288: IFive Air CM13 Edition

Air by CrewRKTablets CM13 6.0.1 build v1.0


has landed 
on IFive Air   ;-)

new: build v1.3 
          CM August sources
 – stock recovery 5.0.0
 – recovery TWRP 
 – recovery TWRP [v1.1]
sekernel #33 @ 1.8 GHz 
 – unified storage 
 – Multi-Windows  
 – Stagefright patch
 – CM su, su-binary
kernel #16 battery daydream (change in folder rockdev/Image before flash)
build v1.3 (CM August sources and security patches)
build v1.2 (CM June sources and security patches)
improve UI performance
fix for audio settings, touch volume, auto brightness   
build v1.1a (CM March sources and security patches)
build v1.0
instructions are included in the download pack 
Confirmed installation on 
Haier Pad 971 (full clone, volume keys are swapped, cam-fix)
binj XS, kernel (replace kernel/resource in folder rockdev/Image before flash)

 – enable rotation in Trebuchet settings
 – to enable development options tap 5 times on build number 
 – compatibility: Gameloft, Viper4AndroidFX, Xposed Framework, Kodi 16.1-RC1
Oma's favourite apps for MM
Xposed Framework starter pack
Special thanks to netlars !
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -