RK3288: Pipo P9 Marshmallow Edition

P9 by CrewRKTablets AOSP 6.0.1 build v1.0


has landed 
on Pipo P9   ;-)

model fix for Pipo P4
model fix for Pipo P7
model fix for Pipo P1
sekernel #69 
 – unified storage 
 – Multi-Windows  
 – Stagefright patch
 – SuperSU
 – Viper4AndroidFX
 – Reboot Menue
 – Xposed Framework compatible  
 Netflix compatible  
 Kodi 16.0 compatible
build v1.1a  
kernel #102 for perfect battery stats
kernel #16 for better battery stats (change in folder rockdev/Image before flash)
TWRP v1.0a 
instructions are included in the download pack  
if the tab stops with starting apps/bootloop you have a different hardware revision; 
pls start flashmodus by holding Power & Esc, flash the TWRP and install the lens fix
Build will also boot on 
(change kernel/resource in folder rockdev before flash, and install model fix via TWRP)
- P4 kernel #70 , model fix
- P7 kernel #65 , model fix
- P1 kernel #24 , model fix - use CPU Awake (see PlayStore) when kernel #24 
shows deep sleep issues
 – to enable development options tap 5 times on build number 
 – multi-window mode: enable in settings/developer options
 – better UI performance: set all animation scales to 0 in settings/developer options
 – mass_storage mode is gone in Android 6.0 > use MTP
 – to mount an USB stick use Chainfire StickMount app (see PlayStore)
Oma's favourite apps for MMXposed Framework starter pack  

>>> to go back to KK pls stay with the included loader or use the stock v2.19 loader
Special thanks to netlars !
Be aware: it is your own risk! 
- Oma -